Supporting menopausal women to feel valued, visible and unstoppable

At Me-Retreats we avoid a one size fits all approach because we know that each women's journey is unique, with differing individual life challenges bringing about different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and responses. We offer a systemic approach to all matters menopause.

We are a unique menopause retreat company and can provide employee well-being packages for women of peri and menopausal ages. We are very aware that menopause affects fifteen million people in the UK, and that they are also the fastest growing demographic in the workforce. Attitudes are changing with more businesses recognizing the vital role women play and the need to retain them through greater support, policy and education to raise awareness and eradicate any stigma associated with menopause.

Our modern workplaces are characterised by  a remote workforce, moving targets and constant pressure. Change is one of the central challenges for businesses, contributing to increased absenteeism, tired and less fulfilled staff. Employees have to manage stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and challenges from learning how to adapt to change with limited downtime to recover and rejuvenate. This ‘journey back to self’  offers a unique approach to how we accomplish the well-being agenda for peri and menopausal women.




Our in house nurses and lead nurse practitioner and prescriber specialises in treating women suffering from menopausal symptoms; restoring the physical aspects. We offer a full menopausal health assessment which includes blood sampling to check hormone imbalances. We  then provide advice around options. Massage and holistic treatments to restore well-being are included within our prices. Our programme incorporates nutritional excellence and practical advice for weight-loss management and healthy aging and includes three nutritionally balanced  daily meals,healthy snacks, juices and teas. 







Our lead facilitator has over twenty years leadership, coaching and mentoring experience. Utilising colour therapy, change theory and mindfulness techniques we eradicate negative emotional states to restore balance for full mind-body coherence. 

A key focus of the retreat experience is to help women to let go and surrender negative emotional states. It is well documented that women typically display advanced relationship and nurturing qualities essentially for team development- our packages build on this to enhance, develop and empower these qualities, these are then translated back into the workplace.  

We encourage women to shift their perspective; rather than seeing menopause as a time when they are past their best years to a time to live their best self and life now. We know work is a central aspect of this. 







Our creative director utilises sound and movement to shift energy, clear the mind and activate creative resourcefulness. We encourage confident and authentic self-expression. We assist women to communicate constructively and to speak up when conveying their needs, and promoting their ideas in the workplace. Nature provides the backdrop to all of our retreat programmes. We advocate journalling as a therapeutic technique.