Menopause Support in Dorset

A Journey Back to Self

Transformational Philosophy

At Me-Retreats we believe that transformation is an inside out focus and anything is possible with the right support, insight and wisdom. Our menopause support in Dorset blends ancient wisdom with modern day science, alchemizing a potent package to literally shapeshift your reality. From breakdown to breakthrough, we alchemize burnt-out bodies, frazzled minds and depressed spirits. Ours is more than an approach, it's a philosophy for life supporting you to find yourself, be your best self and live your best life now.




We're on a mission to advance the future of the UK wellness sector, integrating the best of vibrational medicine, spiritual practice and ritual. We utilise transformative thinking and new ways of being to awaken, restore, regenerate and reinvent all those we serve.

The Space to Be You

Our current focus for our retreats is Dorset, we will then be branching out to the rest of the UK, with further retreats and webinars, still to come. Join our mailing list to connect with our community and gather useful information about our upcoming retreats.

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What to Expect

Do you badly crave some me-time, in a natural and idyllic setting, just to be for a while, so you can restore and recalibrate whilst learning more about this important next chapter in your life? In the context of a changing world and changing working dynamic, there's never been a better time to re-engage with nature and re-evaluate the time you spend, as well as how you spend it. We offer you our menopause retreat in Dorset - a highly personalised five-star experience for women. We bring together the best of:

  • Wellness
  • Holistic Health
  • Education
  • Direct Personal Experience

Through this combination, we provide an elite standard of menopause support in Dorset. We're not just about kick-start programmes, as we can also support you throughout your year and ongoing, to maintain those healthy habits and good vibes.

Come and meet other women experiencing the menopause years who are looking for a better way to live life and optimise their best selves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.





Find Space to Engage, Both Mentally and Spiritually

Our retreats are the perfect lens through which to provide menopause support in Dorset. Come and find the space to explore your next chapter. We'll help you engage in both body and spirit.

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A Complete, Holistic Event

In a world of choice; discontentment and excess, there is no shortage of well-being brands, spa or retreat experiences, yet few combine bespoke high-end luxury with fully integrative, leading-edge practices for mind, body and spirit. We inform, transform and design magical experiences, through our menopause support in Dorset, to reinstate the wonder and the soul back into your life.


A Five-star Sensory Experience

Our holistic sensory experience utilises:

  • Colour
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Touch

With these, we'll awaken your sixth sense and return you to your core nature. We believe that food is medicine, that every thought counts and that feelings are magnetic. Every setting is meticulously sourced to ensure a back-to-nature, sacred adventure. We're about transcending the ordinary to create extraordinary moments that will literally mean pressing pause on everything you've come to believe and accept about yourself and your life.

We bring attention to every moment and lead with one intention in mind; to guide you back to yourself and to align you with that quiet voice inside so you can hear, feel and see that person you're becoming.





Our Starting Point

The hormonal changes that begin in a woman's middle years have a profound impact on our body and, in turn, on our whole being. Dr Christiane Northrup describes this as a whole body “circuitry update,” which affects our nervous system and our brains in particular. The menopausal years are a time when hormonal changes can often facilitate strong emotional reactions. It is the body-mind's way of drawing our attention to any unresolved emotional issues and preparing us for our eldership.

The Beginning of a Journey

While a doctor's advice about physical symptoms is often a good place to start, through our menopause support in Dorset, at Me-Retreats, we believe the menopausal years provide a time to journey inside, to shift and up-level our thinking and create a whole new way of being with ourselves. Menopause is not a sickness but it can be life-depleting when you haven't got the right resources, tools and support. That in itself can be stressful, as well as the impact of other interests competing for your time and energy. It is an internal journey, a journey home to oneself, toward self-knowledge. It is from this place within that we find grounding and clarity. We take stock of where we've been and frame our future as vital women of wisdom.



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What's included in your st

  • Yoga
  • Sound Baths
  • Massage
  • Personal energy/soul readings
  • Reiki
  • Expand with Colour Workshops
  • Nature Walks Daily
  • Education talks on all things holistic
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Kitchen Table Wisdom

The benefit is you will not need to find additional funds and this means you'll get to experience a full range of amazing resources from our gifted team of women.


Our next retreat

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Dates, Times and Logistics

4pm June  30th 2023 – 10am July 3rd 2023

Maximum number of attendees: 12 – What we offer is an exclusive, bespoke experience.


Single Occupancy Superior Private Room with en-suite: 1500pp

Double Occupancy Standard Private Room with en-suite: 1000pp

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A 30% deposit is payable upon booking, with the difference payable 12 weeks prior to the retreat.

If you are making a booking within 8 weeks of the Retreat date, you will need to pay the Full Price





Take a Moment for Yourself

See yourself re-fueled in colour-fullness, majesty and wholeness with our menopause
support in Dorset.

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