Creative resourcefulness is a quality that exists in each and every one of us-it’s our birthright. We all use our creativity daily to express our uniqueness; whether that is the way that we dress or decorate our homes to how we prepare a delicious homemade three course meal for others.

Our ancestors were makers; skilled artisans and crafters and have always been driven to create whether that is through song, story-telling, art or through the general process of innovation. 

It might be that you experience your creativity through the pursuit of your hobbies and interests or that you are able to find that in the work you do. Here at Me-Retreats we often find though that, as women, the pressures of a hectic lifestyle… endless to do lists, expectations and daily pressures mean we can bury or lose our innate capacity and love for creating.

Menopause is the ideal time to explore, rediscover and nurture those creative talents. Whilst on retreat we use a variety of tools to reconnect you with your creative resourceful self and use nature as the basis of our backdrop and source of creative inspiration because we know we can learn a great deal from Mother Nature, from peace to flow, to how she adapts, endures and just by knowing what’s best for her.

Womb of Creativity

She whispered to her sacred body.

Wake up
Wake up
The aches and pains of early morning rising.
Another day in the world that no longer satisfies my thirst.
Fragmented from my mind, body and spirit.
Feeling the sheer exhaustion of the daylight ahead.
Only the birdsong in the distance to give a glimmer of hope.
The heaviness of life, fine lines and moon circled eyes looking back at me, with evaporating memories of the young woman I once was.

Tears of love lost.
Lost time and people I deeply loved
Tears of years gone by
Now I only see the mirror of truth before me

Can I dare to dream of a life with the newness before me

Maiden, Mother and Crone; before me she stands.
Whispering to embrace the metamorphosis of change
Breaking free from my restricted chains.

The creativity lying dormant in my womb space.
Waiting for her whispers to be witnessed, seen and heard.

We are free from spiraling diamond clusters.
Dancing in galaxies beyond time and space.
The Womb of creativity born to soar on wings of light once more.

Unlocking the womb of creativity comes in many forms.
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to try the dreams you once held inside your childlike heart.

For when I sing, dance and move my body I dissolve all that no longer serves me.
I make time to create, even if this is to make a gentle cocooned space to just simply be rest and restore my body to tranquility.

It's those silent spaces in between, where the greatest insight and gifts are awakened.

The Womb of creativity awakened again.

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Creative expression written by our in-house creative artist and musician, Carmen Belle White