Menopausal woman in her fifties

Today I choose ME. 
Today I choose to PAUSE. 
I started the day feeling heaviness in my body and joints.
I felt guided to ask myself honestly and whole-heartedly, what makes ME happy ?"
Happy that my fifty year old body has wilted and weathered.
Flashed before me like lightning striking. 
Leaving behind a body and face of weathered windstorm lines and grey stubborn hairs in places I never knew possible!
My leaky bladder and rushing trips to the toilet.
Heavy bleeding and my vessel depleted from restless nights and hot sweats. 
Embracing my snake like skin, dryness and shedding of the old. 
Another day to take care of everyone else but ignoring my basis needs.
Tired and worn of this ground hog day.
Feeling unfulfilled and unconditional brain fog, that prohibits my process to think and feel.
Did I choose the right career and path?
Who AM I? 
Is my soul longing for a greater experience I cannot even dream possible.
The show must go on.
And so must this awakening into my gentle Menopause, so maybe one must simply recognise to just be in the universal flow of each moment as we enter this right of passage to grow into the next beautiful chapter.
Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.
Unashamed and born again.
You're not alone dear beautiful women. 
Let us free our voices and know it is ok to struggle as we adjust into our new skin. 
See this as a rite of passage into the new beautiful you. 
Do not apologise for this great awakening. 
Today I choose Me. 
Today choose to pause and start a new day. 

Carmen Belle White

Me Retreats