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Our next retreat will take place in the beautiful and picturesque Launceston Farmhouse, in Dorset, next  January 2023. After that, we’ll be expanding, offering retreats for women up and down the country! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming retreats and webinars, by joining our Mailing list today.

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At Me Retreats, we’re out to redefine your approach to menopause.

Countless women around the world feel marginalised, left out and underserved by society’s approach to the menopause. We’re here to change that, with our menopause retreat in Dorset.

We’re here to help you understand and develop your own inner feminine power and embrace the menopause, not as the end of your fertility, but as the beginning of a new chapter – a rite of passage as you step into a new, elder, more powerful you.

Our wellness retreat in Dorset will help you unwind from stress and unlock your own authenticity. There has never been a more important, or more valuable, time to embrace the ME within.





Slow Down with Us So We Can Accelerate Together

Embark on your journey through menopause, to complete, whole, colour-full wellness. We’ll guide you along the way.

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Meet The Team

Our team met while on a retreat ourselves. We bonded and enjoyed ourselves but came away feeling that something was lacking. Physical and mental relaxation were paramount but our spiritual and emotional needs weren’t met. Our group collective is comprised of women who have all experienced, or are in the process of experiencing, the transitional and transformational journey of menopause. We have combined the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of the journey back to self. In doing so, we have created a retreat experience that truly serves women as they step into their new selves.

Kath Roberts    |  Roz Lee  |  Rohini Akosa





Kath Roberts

I am a fully qualified colour therapist and coach, an author and international teacher of colour therapy. I use colour to balance energy, restore harmony and ignite new ways of being. I have been self-employed for over 13 years and previously worked for a FTSE 100 International company at a senior level.

These days I facilitate transformational experiences through one to one or group coaching, empowerment workshops, online programmes and retreat immersions. My focus is on enabling others to wake up to their core natures, actualise their potential and find the work they love to do. I’m all about work/life integration!

I value creativity, authenticity and wisdom over knowledge and firmly believe that we’re all masterpieces in progress and that it’s never too late to be the person you want to become. I have a compassionate and whole-centered approach to people development. I draw on nature as a source of inspiration, creativity and wisdom, appreciating that our consciousness is part of the greater body and intelligence of earth herself.

The full onset of my peri/menopause experience began when I turned 50. Life took a downward turn as my weight spiraled out of control and my mood swings became extremely erratic. This coincided with a time in my life when I was caring for my late husband who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I came to appreciate that the stress I was under personally was having a massive impact on my body exacerbating all the menopausal systems. I found Roz and plant based bioidentical hormones as well as changing my diet and have never felt better. I’m totally committed to supporting women through this challenging period and to live life on their own terms.





 Roz Lee photo


Roz Lee

I am a fully qualified BSc (hons) Specialist Nurse Practitioner/Independent Nurse prescriber.

I first became interested in bio identical hormones in 2016 when I went through my own menopause, which was frankly a hideous experience from day 1 of the onset of the peri-menopause. Physically, emotionally and mentally, my body, mind and emotions seemed to take on a new life of their own. I thought I was going mad and felt totally out of control of what was happening to me.

Thankfully I had a friend in Australia who was also going through the menopause. She was being managed beautifully on a tailor-made bespoke prescription of plant-based hormones. Meanwhile, I remained a wreak.

After being fobbed off by my GP several times as “depressed”, I decided to do some research and explored my options. I came across the Marion Gluck Clinic in Wimpole Street, London. The clinic specialises in bio identical HRT which she originally learnt and set up her practice in Australia. I immediately signed up to the basic then advanced training course and have never looked back. I continue to work closely with their model of care and attend regular webinars to remain updated.

No woman in this day and age needs to suffer the devastating and life changing effects of Peri/menopause.

My passion is to enlighten and educate as many women as possible on this life changing experience. Whilst providing them with the tools to make the ongoing journey in the best possible way.





 Rohini Akosa photo


Rohini Akosa

Hi I am Rohini. I am a nurse with over 20 years of experience, which include various management roles in the healthcare and corporate environment. 

I met Kath, Carmen and Roz at a retreat last year and we instantly bonded. Having worked in a busy corporate environment for some time, I make it my aim each year to invest in myself and get some badly needed “me” time so I can reboot, detox and rebalance myself.

Quite recently I began to feel like I was entering menopause and started to experience some hot flushes, waning energy and brain fog. Having heard some of the horrendous experiences that some women have experienced I feel lucky that up until now, I have not suffered as greatly.

I have always had an avid interest in alternative healing therapies, nutrition, meditation, reiki and the body’s ability to self-heal and I believe this has helped me to assimilate some of the more negative aspects of menopause. I definitely feel that having met such a knowledgeable bunch of women has had a beneficial effect on managing my own symptoms and in enabling me to be better prepared for some of the nastier surprises that as women we can experience at this time in our lives. Being surrounded by such amazing, knowledgeable and grounded women has provided me with the support I needed to navigate the menopausal maze and to identify, target and treat symptoms before they become debilitating.

From my own research I perceive there is a lot of information available regarding the menopause but a lot of contradiction around what works and what’s important. I have come to appreciate that we are all unique individuals and a “one size fits all” is not the answer. As I embrace my menopause years, I am now beginning to see it as a rite of passage where I can embrace this time to harness the power of all that it means to be a woman. This is at the heart of the support that you will receive at Me-Retreats and it is my desire that every woman we connect with, be that online or at one of our retreats, leaves us feeling well equipped to manage, embrace and truly enjoy this beautiful chapter of your life.





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Our wellness retreats in Dorset are designed around nature and around your personal journey. We’ll make the unconscious conscious, so that you can operate with ease and grace, embracing your next chapter in full colour and freedom.
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